Gelaine Santiago
Gelaine Santiago
Mixing Entrepreneurship, Storytelling, and Social Impact




I’m an online storyteller, a passionate advocate for diversity and ethics in business, and a social entrepreneur working within the intersection of cultural heritage and sustainabILITY.

Through my work with CAMBIO & CO. and SINTA & CO., I’ve learned about the power of sharing stories. A story, when told in a meaningful way, can do many things:

  • It can build strong communities

  • It can break down widely held colonial mentalities

  • It can empower and foster pride in marginalized groups

  • It can inspire individuals to take action as a collective

This is true no matter where you are in the world.

Outside of my work as an entrepreneur, I am also a speaker, freelance creative, and a marketing consultant.

My passion is helping small businesses and purpose-driven entrepreneurs elevate their online storytelling to reach passionate audiences and create meaningful, positive change.


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Before life as an entrepreneur, I was a human resources professional working in both the non-profit and corporate world. I’ve seen non-profits cancel meaningful projects because they couldn’t find funding. I’ve also witnessed corporations let go of talented people for the sake of profits.

I’ve learned that if we want to create meaningful, sustainable impact, we have to do things differently. And that means building social enterprises, financially sustainable businesses with a social mission at its core.

That’s why I HELPED found three organizations focused on social impact:

Cambio & Co.

An ethical retailer specialized in contemporary, conscious fashion made with Filipino soul. Every piece is designed and handcrafted in the Philippines by talented artisans to celebrate Filipino craftsmanship, heritage, and culture.

Sinta & Co.

A conscious wedding boutique that empowers couples to celebrate their Filipino heritage on their wedding day.
We offer Filipino accessories, gifts, and ceremony essentials so everyone can have their dream Filipino wedding.

A free online platform to help people easily discover and learn about Filipino social enterprises across the Philippines. ChooseSocial.PH has become a major resource and has even become incorporated into university curricula.


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